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Updated Covid-19 Procedures

Please make sure you review the new covid guidelines that were listed in the fall class session email. It is SO IMPORTANT that we keep making all the right decisions for our athletes to keep them in the facility doing what the love! These are the main issues.

1) If we have anymore issues going forward with siblings/and or individuals under 18 (that are not registered in a class that day/time) being in the facility for the time being, we will have to resort to going back to no parents/spectators. Which is what we are trying to avoid. 


2) All spectators must have masks on in LOBBY & CAFE area (at all time). 


3) Please keep your athlete home if they have ANY cold/flu like symptoms. If you athlete does show symptoms of any kind, they will unfortunately have to leave (and can hopefully return symptom free to the next class.

Please, please help us keep our doors open and our athletes/families and staff safe!

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